Alfra Press AP-600-2 Control Panel Punching Machine


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ALFRA AP 600-2

A Hydraulic Punching Machine designed to enable quick punching of round square rectangular and custom formed holes on control cabinets and doors up to 86 ” X 39 “.  It can also punch back panels with folded edges up to 1 1/4″ and conduit boxes up to 12” in depth.  The AP 600-2 has a throat depth of 600 mm and an X and Y Axis (length and width) adjustable fence.  You can also easily change punches with panel still place.




        Solid press frame withheavy duty deformation-resistant welds.

        Dual-action hydrauliccylinder attached to press frame.

        Piston rod (made of tempered stainless  steel diameter 2 1/8)vibration-proof  positioning.

        Die bed firmly attached to press frame with heavy duty screws

        Work holddown insures safe operation.

        Length and depth fence moveable on X- and Y axis.  Travels on hardened double  ball supports for ease ofmovement.

        Measurement indicator shows X and Y  axis depths and widths.

        Digital Measurement indicator for x- and  Y axis available (optional).

        Double circuit hydraulicunit with electric pump oil tank and magnetic valves (quiet operation).

        Safety foot switch withdouble pedal for  continuous control ofthe punch and  return stroke.

        Double action hydrauliccylinder prepared for use with a laser pointer for exact tool alignment.

        Fast change out of tools (within seconds).



Throat depth with fence:                        23

Punching power:                   60 kN at 165 bar

Punching Stroke:                                 2 9/16

Input :                                                075 kW

Voltage:                                                400 V

Weight:                                               792 lbs

Total height:                                               63

Working height:                                     39

Width of press frame:                                12

Depth of press frame:                                45

Length of X stop rail                                  59

Space required:                             79 x118



– Round holes from 1/8 to 2 diameter

– Square holes up to 2 5/8 x 2 5/8

– Special shape puncher with max. diameter of 3 9/16


Machinable material thicknesses:

– Sheet metal F 370 N/mm:  up to1/8

 – Stainless sheet steel F 600 N/mm:  up to 33/32

– Aluminium F 22: up to 3/16

– Punchable plastics: up to 3/16

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