Alfra Press AP-250 Control Panel Punching Machine


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A Hydraulic Punching Machine for bench mounting that is designed to enable quick punching of round square rectangular and custom formed holes on conduit boxes control cabinets and doors


  • Stable punching body with swivelling foot
  • Single-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Ready for use with laser pointer to optically indicate tool center.
  • Different die holders available (also for punching close to edges)
  • Serial punching possible
  • Tool change out in seconds.

Technical Data:

Throat depth:                             10 with fence
10 without fence
Cylinder stroke:                                                2
Mouth width (between tools)                  1 1/8
Punching power:             F 46 kN at 600 bar
Weight:                                                       97 lbs

Punching Capacity:

Round holes from                      1/8 to 1 9/16
Square holes up to                 1 3/32 x 1 3 /32
Rectangular holes up to           1 3/16 x 13/16
or with a max. diagonal of                     1 9/16

Machinable Material Thickness:

Sheet metal F 370 N/mm up to 3/32
Stainless sheet steel F 600 N/mm up to 1 1/6
Aluminium F 22 up to 3/16
Punchable plastics up to 3/16

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