ALFRA AMTE 400 Battery Operated Electric Wiring and Assembly Table


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ALFRA AMTE 400 is a versatile dual axis assembly table intended for ergonomic, effective and time-saving assembly and wiring of electric panels. It is designed as a tool to increase productivity, reduce stress on the operator and cut assembly time during the control panel manufacturing process. Typical operations performed on the AMTE 500 table are panel making, drilling, thread cutting, tapping, channel/rail fitting, component mounting and wiring installation.

AMTE 400 is equipped with two electronically controlled linear actuators for height and tilt angle adjustments of the table work surface. AMTE 500 table has four castors for flexibility and mobility of the table within your work shop. The 4-button key pad allows for continuous adjustment from vertical to horizontal positions as well as variable height adjustment up to 43”.


  • Equipped with two linear actuators for height and tilt angle adjustment
  • Linear actuators and control system are rechargeable and battery-operated
  • Four castors for increased mobility and safe positioning
  • Can hold panells with dimensions up to 74.5″ in width and 69.5″ in height
  • The maximum load weight it can support is 1,100lbs or 500kg
  • Working Height Adjusts between 31.5″ and 43″
  • Tilt angle adjustable from 0° to 70°
  • Voltage: 120 VAC 60 Hz

With numerous accessories available (see below) this table can be easily customized to best meet your application.

The AMTE 400 Includes:
Battery Operated Electric Assembly Table With Two Axis Tilt
Leveling Pad Base (x1)
Standard Clamping Units (x4)
Battery Operated Actuator (x1)
Controller Keypad
Battery (x1)
Shipping Crate.
Adjustable Angle: 0-70
Working Height: 31.5″ x 43″
Maximum Panel Size: 44″ x 69.5″ (1117mm x 1765mm)
Maximum Panel Size: 74.5″ x 69.5″ (1892mm x 1765mm)
(With Table Extensions)
Maximum Load: 1100 lbs (500 kg)
Space Requirement: 55″ x 47″
Weight: 430 lbs (163 kg)
SKU: 31005US Category: Tags: , , , , , , , ,

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Weight600 lbs
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